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Our Process


We begin the design process by exploring your needs and desires for the space, or spaces, along with discovering your style and taste. We discuss overall design concept and expectations as we assess the layout and scale of the space considering any architectural elements. We also discuss the project scope, budget and expected timeline. We use this time to develop a collaborative relationship with you. Once we refine your design goals, we continue to the "presentation" phase.

Couple and Architect
Screenshot Amodo - Tumidei for Presentation Board.png


We present you with preliminary design ideas. These may include architectural sketches of spaces, cabinetry, as well as samples of paint colors, fabrics, finishes, photographs of furnishings, accessories, and ideas for window treatments. This depends on your project. Once we sign off on all the selections, we transition into the "design" phase. 

Upscale Waiting Room


We proceed from the conceptual to the creation of specific construction documents. We develop space plans with clearances for furnishings and ADA where applicable, while adhering to governing codes where required. Here is where we refine your project carefully taking into consideration your health, safety, and welfare. Once this phase is complete, we are ready for the "procurement" phase.

Screenshot from Getty Images Fabrics.png
Rothko Painting.jpg


Upon your approval, we begin the ordering and purchasing of the cabinetry, furnishings, artwork, fabrics, and accessories. This is where all of the planning comes together to prepare for "implementation". 

Screenshot - Martini Detail.png


This is the culmination and installation of the full design process. We make sure the construction is complete and approved by all. We oversee and handle installation of the cabinetry, finishes, furniture, window treatments, artwork, and accessories. Once this phase is complete, we are ready for the big reveal. 

Screenshot Getty Images for Implementing Artwork.png
Screenshot Getty Images for Implementing Cabinetry.png
Screenshot from Getty Images for Big Reveal.png

the big reveal

Your space has been fully designed and curated with care, thoughtfulness, and professionalism! When the project is complete, we are ready for the "big reveal" and welcome you to your new space. 

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